Saturday, 20 February 2010

UPDATE: My Opinion On This Year's Nintendo Media Summit and 2 Upcoming Reviews!

Hey guys, this is my first Update post. In these posts I'll be talking about my opinion on new gaming related news, upcoming reviews and features and some random stuff too! Now, let's get started...

Nintendo Media Summit 2010
Last year Nintendo set up an event where they showed off some new games and stuff. It was at this event that Zelda: Spirit Tracks was announced and this year Nintendo have something more exciting planned. The event takes place next week (the 24th to be precise) and I have a few ideas for some of the things the big N will be showing off. First of all is (hopefully) some new Zelda Wii news, maybe even some gameplay. It's time we found out what this new adventure will be called and what it looks like. Maybe they'll tell us more about the mysterious Wii vitality sensor? Hopefully we'll be getting some more info on Mario Galaxy 2 too. Still, Nintendo usually only reveal their biggest news at E3, so don't be upset if a Wii2 isn't announced. Edit: Forget I said any of that and watch this video. The Media Summit stuff's near the end.

Coming Up: Army Defender [DSiWare] and Soul Calibur 2 [GC] Reviews!
2 new reviews are coming up, for Army Defender on DSiWare and Soul Calibur 2 on GameCube. Both very awesome games. Army Defender will be my very first DSiWare review, and since it's a small 200 point game don't expect 1000 words or anything. Soul Calibur 2 will be a full review, focusing on the GC version of the game. I'll also mention a bit on the PS2 version which I own as well. I've halfway finished my Army Defender review and I haven't started SC2 yet, so expect AD to be out before the 27th. For now I'll just say get Army Defender, it's the best 200 point app. If you have a GameCube pick up that version of Soul Calibur 2, as it's the best.

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