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FEATURE: Sheikah_Link's Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2010

2010: The beginning of a new decade. The 'ooies' were fine, but the 'tens' seem to shine brighter. Opening year alone, for games atleast, wonderous things seem to be happening. Original ideas, follow-ups to older games and continuations of acclaimed series' are all set to put 2010 up in flames. In a good way, of course. To celeberate this, I've made a list of the top ten games I'm just gagging to get my hands on this year. I bet you know what's goin to be at number 1 already...

10. Okamiden (DS) Despite finidng the orignal PS2/Wii game rather boring, yet overrated, I'm giving this sequel the benfit of the doubt, and I'll hype it just a tad. The graphics are still as beautiful as the last time round, but seem to have a cutsier, Spirit Tracks edge on them, which suits the DS very well. As Chibiterasu (presumably Amaterasu's ancestor or descendant) you'll be painting the world into life again with your brush, while solving puzzles, collecting treasures and overcoming evil. Sounds alot like Zelda then. But so did the original, and that didn't quite match up in my opinion...

9. Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) Like most people outside of Japan, I've never played any game in the Monster Hunter series. I know it's all hyped up and apaprantly stunning, but it's never caught my eye. Literally. Pre-MHT mentions, I'd never even seen or heard of the series. Now that it's coming to Wii with emphasis in Europe though, my attention has well and truly been caught. The concept of seeking and taking down huge dinosaur-like creatures for snazzy rewards, combined with jaw-dropping visuals and a unique online experience has reeled me in, and I can't wait to be welcomed into Capcoms *ahem* "monster" series.

8. Red Steel 2 (Wii) Possibly this years best looker for Wii, RS2 follows a mysterious rouge, ninja/cowboy type hardman who uses his variations of gun and sword techniques to take down other maniacal ninja/cowboy types. So far, so "damn awesome" then. Mix in 1:1 MotionPlus controls for swordplay (correcting its predecessors weakpoint), fantastic cel-shaded graphics, and a Wild West setting with a hint of Japanese Culture, and you're certainly on to GotY material. Bags of cool and an original atmosphere is what's going to keep this game driving when you're dishing out combos of 'Up slash, down slash, boom, bang, stab', so let's just hope all that's currently being kept on the down-low will follow suit.

7. Dead Space 2 (PS3/360) Now, as I'm just finishing off the final few chapters of the classy, Wii-only Dead Space:Extraction, it's apparant to me that the series is pretty much the best survival horror series ever created besides Resident Evil. The third game to be released for the series has recently been confirmed and despite so little information, I'm hyped. Information is not needed though. Expectedly, it's going to be an action-packed, visually impressive gore-fest, where you blast through waves of alien/zombie things to save your group of space explorers. Some of the those explorers will live, most will die, but it's all in the name of a great game, right?

6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) The highly anticipated follow-up to one of the best games ever, this can only be good. The only reason this isn't near the numebr one spot is that there's not much to anticipate. We've seen it all before. This sequel just means more planets, more power-ups, more bags 'o charm and more bouncing off of defencless Goombas heads. This 'samey-ness' isn't a bad thing though. Not at all. More of the original is what everyone wants, so don't take me the wrong way. Anyway, there's the new inclusion of Yoshi, a new (yet probably predictable) storyline and new power-ups to keep things fresh. Get ready to 'space-out' one more time!

5. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing (Wii/PS3/360/DS) Admittedly, I'm not really much of a huge Sega fan, and so naturally I wasn't really hyped for this game at first. Despite giving humungous amounts of respect to retro gaming and actually looking like it could be a decent condender to the moustachioed-mans skidding antics, it never made me interested. One thing has though. Infact, you could say two things. Legendary bear-bird combo of Banjo-Kazooie have been added to the roster exclusively on 360. The Wii gets Miis, but who cares? Banjo-Ka-frickin'-zooie! I've always had a soft spot for thsoe guys. Now I'm interested...

4. Epic Mickey (Wii) Ah, Mickey Mouse, where hath thou gone to? While you seem to be taking a vacation from being a main star mouse, tragic rubbish like The Jonas Brothers and Troy "Hearthrob" High-School-Musical-Guy (yes, that's his real name) have stolen your Disney crown. Let's plan to drive thema way and get you back on form. Let's have a diverse, action-adventure game that takes cues from Mario and Link, where you fight forgotten Disney characters and paint colour into a Hell-like overworld. Oh? That's already been planned? And will be released later this year exclusively on Wii? Fair enough.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 (PS3/360) We all seen it coming really. The huge success (commercially and critically) of a pretty much self-confirmed Rock-steady sequel. The first game was wonderous, acheiving the spot as my second favourite game ever, and mixed exciting boss battles with tactical Predator Challenges and some logical puzzling. Despite its short storymode length, it was gaming perfection. A literally 'no-infoed' sequel was shown off in a short teaser trailer recently, and even though it has not even been confirmed for a release this year, a man can dream. Let's hope developement is quick and a Christmas release makes everyone happy.

2. Metroid: Other M (Wii)
E3 09's show stopping finale, M:OM (ha!) already looks fantastic. Going by the trailer, it's going to bring back the 2D style from classic Metroid installements, while still offering first-person sections. Developed with the help of the team behind Ninja Gaiden on the 360, it should have fantastic graphics, an immersive combat system and be as hard as nails! I'm a newcomer to the Metroid series (only discovering it through Prime), but hopefully this will set me straight and show me what Samus Aran is all about.

1.Zelda Wii (Wii, obviously...)

Yeah, you guessed it, the mysterious new take on the Zelda series steals my top spot for the games I'm most loking forward to. No prizes will be given. Where do I begin though? The only way I can describe my thoughts on the Zelda series is by using the word "love". A strong term, i know, but it's true. I'm in love. With a game series. Sad? Maybe. Understandable? Definately. A series that's produced some of the greatest games ever made can only do well in the future. As confirmed by Zelda's big-cheese Eiji Aonuma though, Zelda Wii is set to take the series to new heights and turns. As long as it still retains the same Zelda charm though, nobody cares. A Zelda game is a Zelda game after all, even if it includes WM+, or doesn't star Link, or replaces the Master Sword with a pogo-stick, it's Zelda, so it'll sell. Hats off to Ninty then, for trying something new on a formula everyone is used to and loves. My respect is owed to you, and that's why you are my number one. Bravo.

+Written by Sheikah_Link

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