Sunday, 28 February 2010

UPDATE: My Birthday, Request a Review and Upcoming Features!

Heyhey all. For my second Update post I'll be talking about some new Features, my Birthday and the upcoming Request a Review system! let's get started.

Happy Birthday Me! and the Request a Review System!
Hooray! I finally have a Wii! And do you know what that means? More reviews! Last thursday I finally got a Wii bundled With Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Super Smash Bros Brawl. I also got some birthday money which I spent on Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption! Anyway, I've been playing my games over the last few days and just this morning I had a thought. What about a Request a Review thingy for my blog? Here's the way it'll work: I create a page titled Request a Review and List all the games I'm willing to review that I own. A comment box will be placed at the bottom of the page and my followers can request me to review a game on the list! You have control over what I'll review next and If you don't own the game you'll get my verdict on it! Cool, huh? Feel free to use this idea for yourself, but mention me if you can!

2 New Features!
Two new features are incoming and currently in progress. These features will be my opinions on This Year's Nintendo Media Summit (which is pretty self explanatory, everyone's already done it) and a post on the new Gorillaz album: Plastic Beach! If you know me well, you'd understand I am a MASSIVE Gorillaz fan. They've been my favourite band for ages and I own all the main albums, B-sides albums and DVD's! If you're unaware of Gorillaz (then you suck), they are an animated band created by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn (of Blur fame). Their first album which released back in 2001 sold a huge amount of copies and their second album, Demon Days also gained high popularity. Damon Albarn does the vocals and Jamie does all the illustrations. Anyway, Gorillaz' new album, Plastic Beach is coming out on the 8th of march and I've decided to do a massive feature on it. Expect a reviews of the 2 new singles, some back story and what I think of the songs! Also expect a review of Stylo, the music video for Plastic Beach's lead single which premiers on youtube on the 2nd of March. Anyway, expect both these features sometime this week. That's all for now!

In other news...
Apologies for not doing an Army Defender review last week, I was too busy playing on the Wii to use the internet! Also, I haven't started typing up the Soul Calibur 2 review yet, but I've written a few things down.

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