Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Update: What's Coming Up Next Month, New System!

'Sup doods? Just another quick update to let you guys know what's coming up next month! Read on...

Next Month's Planned Posts
Okay, I've been reviewing stuff a lot recently, but I noticed one problem: My past three reviews have been of games on the Wii. Since I started the blog at the beginning of last year I've only done one DS review, one GC review and three Wii reviews in a row. It's a little unbalanced really. Because of this, I've planned several reviews on GC and DS for October. First off, I'm hoping to review Viewtiful Joe 2 for the Gamecube first, after I play through it again. After that I've got a review of The World Ends With You for the DS planned, as well as a re-review of Disgaea DS to celebrate last week's announcement of Disgaea 4. Hopefully I'll have at least VJ2 and TWEWY up next month. Aside from that, I'll definitely be reviewing Battalion Wars 2 and No More Heroes 2 once I've got all my other platform reviews done.

Aside from reviews, you guys should expect more gaming-related posts throughout the month, if anything exciting happens. But this month, there's a post I know I'll be writing. Tomorrow, Nintendo will apparently be announcing the release date and price of the upcoming 3DS. Definitely expect a post on that, unless something happens to change the fact they're announcing the price and release date tomorrow. Finally, I've decided on a new posting 'system' for Noodle's Blog. All you need to know is that I'll be doing at least five posts, one review, one feature and at the most one update per month. Look forward to all this good stuff!

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