Saturday, 18 September 2010

Get Your Seizure Safety-Goggles On! Disgaea 4 Is Coming!

As some of you may know, the Tokyo Games Show was underway a few days ago and they announced some brilliant new games. For those of you who don't know, TGS is essentially E3 without the massive announcements. Instead, the show is packed full of more out-there Japanese titles, such as stuff by Suda51, Atlus and many others. Among the games that were announced was a new Devil May Cry game, a sequel to Dissidia: Final Fantasy and most importantly- Disgaea 4.

Some of you may be aware I'm a huge Disgaea fan. I spent a massive 100 hours on the DS version (reviewed right here on the blog) before getting tired of it, and am still hoping we get a PS3 soon so I can get my hands on Disgaea 3. I gave Disgaea DS 93%, dubbing it my favourite 3rd party DS title. In short, I think Disgaea is awesome. So when I heard about the new title yesterday, I was amazed. It looks like it could be the best game in the series yet! In the past, Disgaea games have followed the same sort of concept, being SRPGs and all. But Disgaea 4, while still being a Strategy game looks like they're really going for the gold this time. It's hard to explain what's actually going on in the announcement trailer, but hey, it's Disgaea. The trailer showcased stuff like HD sprites (something Disgaea 3 lacked) and a bunch of new, original characters (again, Disgaea 3 essentially copied the old ones). My favourite of these new heroes (or villains) was a female protagonist wearing a Prinny costume, How awesome is that?! The main character appears to be quite a bit older than the previous 3 heroes. His appearance is also pretty original, as he almost looks quite vampire-like.

Meet my favourite of the new protagonists in Disgaea 4. You can't argue with that awesome costume! She's also armed with a baseball bat.
So, what are these new features then? Well, sprites are now in full HD as I mentioned, and they are now a lot more animated. If you check out the trailer, the points where characters are talking in cutscenes are fully animated, which looks pretty damn cool. Gameplay wise, there appears to be some kind of spaceship battle going on in the trailer. It certainly looks like players will be controlling the action here. Everything else can't be explained in words. Just check out the trailer. Do it. Disgaea 4 is looking ace. I await more info NIS!

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