Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Only One Week till Metroid: Other M!

If I could go back and change my top ten most anticipated games of 2010 list that I posted near the beginning of the year, I would shove Metroid: Other M straight up to number one. Not just because we found out Zelda Wii (Skyward Sword) wouldn't be coming out this year, but also because the game is actually looking amazing; We've been waiting a whole year for Other M to come out, and now it's only a week away. When the latest Metroid title was announced back at E3 2009, we didn't get a whole lot of new info for months and months, but since a few weeks back (like most other big releases) there's been a massive burst of news, videos, and awesome info about the new game. From that ace live action trailer that was released last week, to the ace story trailer that made me feel like this will be the Nintendo equivalent to Metal Gear Solid, I'm sure because of all this news everyone is excited about Nintendo and Team Ninja's epic collaboration. Because of this sudden burst of Metroid: Other M news, I've decided to do a post on the new game. Think of it as a preview of sorts.

Where to start? How about with the Japanese story trailer that kicked off this sudden hype for the game. The video premiered on the Japanese Nintendo Channel and was kindly posted on Youtube by some chap. It featured less of Samus alone, and more of her with the team of Space Marines you come across at the beginning of the game. It seems Samus Aran is already acquainted with one of the Marines, Anthony Higgs, but the others seem to have different views of the bounty hunter. After all, the group is lead by Adam Malkovich, a fella that Samus seems to have had a few rows with in the past. Later on in the trailer Samus, along with the Space Marines, run into a room only to have a massive disgusting purple alien blob thing fall from the ceiling. This opens up a boss fight which involves Samus battling the beast with her newfound comrades. Later, tragedy follows with screams and shouts from both Sammy and the Marines. Will any of them survive later on? Well, get the game to find out.

Samus' new voice is ace. 
Speaking of videos on the Nintendo Channel, us over here in the UK were treated to a great retrospective of Other M's prequels last week entitled 'Metroid and Me'. The video is narrated by Samus herself, and basically explains most of the key things that have happened all the way up to the climactic Mother Brain fight at the end of Super Metroid that features in Other M as the opening sequence. Great video, especially if you've never played Other M's prequels and want a little back-story. Samus' voice is also perfect in my eyes, though some are calling it a little cheesy. Still, at least it isn't annoying or anything. A real-life Samus starred in a live-action trailer for the game last week. It showed up on the US Nintendo Channel, and involved Samus walking through sections of her past. The scenes shown are things like the incident with Malkovich I mentioned earlier, the Mother Brain fight and others. The live-action trailer is apparently an Ad that the US gets. Our ad is pretty awful though, like most Nintendo TV spots. Oh well.

At the time of posting, the most recent news is some review scores that have popped-up on the internet. japanese gaming site gave it an impressive 9/9/8/9 and some other site by the name of @Gamer gave it a 4/5. So far so good, but what are my views on Other M? Well, it's a definite must buy for me. The game looks amazing and it's too bad it actually comes out the day after I go back to school. Luckily that day is a Friday, so I'll be able to play it over the weekend! It's only one week and two days till Other M hits the UK shelves. Do yourself a favour and buy it.

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