Sunday, 8 August 2010

A TWEWY Sequel? Yes Please.

Let's face it, everyone who has their hands on Square-Enix's amazingly different Shibuya-based RPG The World Ends with You wants a sequel. I've been wanting Square to announce it ever since I first got the game in November last year (after a month of waiting, damn lazy eBayers). I've poured 75 hours into TWEWY at the time of posting, and I'm currently attempting to master every single one of the game's Pins. For those of you who don't know what that means, buy the game immediately, it'll only set you back about 15 to 20 quid. I clearly love The World Ends with You, so when I heard a few days back that the game's director is interested in making a sequel, I hopped aboard yet another hype-train.

In these exact words, Testuya Nomura told American Nintendo Magazine Nintendo Power, "I definitely want to make a sequel. I'm very busy working on other titles right now, but when the time is right, I would love to make another installment of The World Ends with You." Awesome. But that leaves us with a lot of questions, like, how exactly do you follow on from the original title's storyline? I won't spoil anything but you can't really continue TWEWY's story, as it stops at a happy ending that will stay happy, unless it's cliche'd. Maybe they ought to introduce some new protagonists who are thrown into The Reapers' Game, or possibly make a prequel to the original. Whatever Testuya's team come up with it better be a storyline that works, rather than making a boring cliched sequel.

The original game had a whopping 302 pins that could be found, but will they be included in the sequel?

It's not just the story that matters, what about the other features that made the original so unique? Surely they've gotta hold on to the battle system they had in the original, but possibly improve on that a bit? Then there's the subject of the music. It'll take forever to make some new songs, as all the tracks in the original were sung by J-pop bands. Will they just hold on to the original's music? If so, that'd be a bit lazy. Also is the matter of new pins. I reckon they should just hold on to every single pin from the original game, and then design a couple hundred more each with new uses. In fact, they really should try to improve on every aspect of the original if they want to make this a better game.

Finally, the setting of TWEWY 2. Will it be in Shibuya again? Will it take place in The Reapers Game? So many questions that need to be answered. In my eyes, the team should either set the sequel in a new location, or keep Shibuya, but improve on it and possibly expand it to new areas. We don't know anything about the sequel so far apart from the fact that there may be one if the director gets his way. If we do get confirmation of a second game, will they even stick it on the DS, or go 3D with Nintendo's new console? There's too many questions, and we all want Testuya's team to answer them, but for now, we can only speculate.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'd love to see a prequel that focuses on Joshua. But that's my biased point of view (I literally got the game simply because I saw a picture of Joshua in a magazine).

Just think about it: We can't really do much more with Neku and the gang, they're happy and anything more would just spoil it. Joshua is the only one with a past of interest, and would allow Square to use the Reapers Game again, since Joshua had to have played at some point.

A new music track would be needed; to use the same one twice would be lazy, I completely agree. If they're going to make this sequel good, they'll have to go all out.

What made TWEWY great was that it was so different to all other RPGs. Square will have to do everything they can to make this sequel great. And the pins need a bit of tweaking. Sometimes, the actions using the stylus mix one pin with another, but that can be fixed.

I believe that it should be made for the 3DS. Imagine TWEWY in 3D, or with graphics on par with the PS2.

Of course, everything I've said is just hopeful wishing...

Noodle said...

I totally agree with pretty much everything you just said. Whoever you are, you have some cool opinions ^__^

A prequel would be pretty cool, but focusing on a new set of characters, possibly with Joshua as the antagonist. And yeah, I'd love to see it on the 3DS, although I don't see how the dual screen thing would work to be honest, what with the Widescreen upper screen. Still, TWEWY needs a sequel/prequel regardless.

Ethan Simental said...

I think It should be on the WiiU, and you have the ability to move your partner with the control stick, but continue with the sprites instead of 3d models. I think the battle system should stay the same, but add a 2 player story mode, and the second player could use a nunchuck and a Wii remote as their controller, plus the main character's parter should also have pins. The controls for the partner should be this- nunchuck control stick to move, d-pad-left-right to use the pin in the direction, up to jump, and down to dodge. You could also use the B button to block. The Z and C buttons could be used to scroll through your pins. And if they were on the tablet, ZL,L/ZR,R To scroll through your partners' pins, ZL+L/ZR+R to block, control stick to move, and the D-Pad to do what I said up there. Sorry this was really repetitive but I just wanted to get my ideas out.