Wednesday, 31 March 2010

ANALYSIS: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer

Hey everyone! This will mark my first trailer analysis post. In these posts I'll be taking a look at new game trailers and pointing out interesting things you may not have noticed. Today I'll be analysing the latest amazing Galaxy 2 trailer, here we go!

0:00-0:05 And so the trailer begins, let's go! We start off with an E rating for the first few seconds.

0:06 The game's logo swoops in. An orange Luma can be seen perched above the top right corner. At 0:11 the gameplay kicks off.

0:12-0:16 I knew it! I knew the Mario head was the hub! In fact, It's more of a small area than a hub, but maybe it will expand as you progress through the game? Just a thought...

0:16-0:19 Mario runs over to a button located on the boat like thing on the giant Mario head's hat. Pressing this button takes you to the map screen which can be seen at 0:20. The fat Luma is also seen in this part of the video

0:25 Tall Trunk galaxy is selected on the map screen and Mario joyously flies off the head towards the galaxy.

0:29 We see a bit of Tall Trunk, in which Yoshi is seen flying up the tree in blimp fruit form.

0:32 Now we see some ball rolling action from another Galaxy which appears to be the wooden one we saw on the E3 trailer. I could be wrong though!

0:34 Some more action with the ball here, this time on a planet covered in paintbrushes.

0:38 Hooray, new power-up time! Here we are introduced to the Rock Mario suit. This power-up allows Mario to roll into a ball and knock over enemies. I assume you shake the remote to roll into a ball. This power-up very much reminds me of the Gorons from Zelda! Who knows, maybe that's where Miyamoto got his idea for this new suit.

0:42 Rock Mario crashes through some bowling pin like enemies and rolls up a ramp. But what's this? Is that a NSMBWii checkpoint flag I see at 0:45? Yes, it is.

0:46 Another checkpoint flag is seen inside a Ghostly Mansion like galaxy, along with confirmation that Boo Mario is back! This time he is in a Side-scrolling section.

0:53 A bunny with frosty ears is spotted in a snow Galaxy. This looks like the one we saw at E3. But what's that patterned box at the right side of the screen? Is it a random item block like in NSMB, or something different?

0:58 More of the snow galaxy we just saw, but this time with lava. A giant Bowser made of snow is spotted at this part of the trailer which Mario obliterates with some fireballs.

1:02 Mario equips a Bee suit and flies upwards. At 1:07 we see a section very much like the Honeyclimb Galaxy in the first game.

1:09 Another new Galaxy here, in which Mario runs along a giant tube avoiding some big Bullet Bills. Two seconds later he collects a Rainbow Star and blows up some of the Bills.

1:17 The second new Power up is spotted! Light Yoshi allows Mario's chum to light up areas. In this part of the video Yoshi can light up a previously unaccessable area, creating a new path for Mario.

1:22 Mario and Yoshi collect a Power Star and the Galaxy 2 and Wii logos are shown. What a trailer! This game is gonna be incredible!!!

EDIT: I've decided not to do any more of these, but I won't be deleting this post. Think of it as a one off.

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