Tuesday, 27 April 2010

UPDATE: The Return of the Blog! + Other things

Epic Return
Anyone following my blog would have probably realised I haven't posted anything for nearly a month now. Well, I've been doing a big essay for school work, which is clearly more important than what I'm doing here. I finished that last week though, so it's good to be back! My Soul Calibur 2 review is in the works and I'm planning on doing some mini reviews of Sonic Mega Collection. Elsewhere on the blog, I've changed that crummy TWEWY picture I've had on here in favour of some art from the incredible Tatsunoko VS Capcom that I bought a few weeks ago. Expect a review of that sometime in the future.

Also, to update on the next collaborative feature I've managed to get SteveTheDuck, who worked on my first feature to write this one too. But don't expect this to be done until after E3 (June 15th) when Nintendo reveal the 3DS.

Reviews and stuff
As I mentioned before, my Soul Calibur 2 review is in progress, but after I finish that I'll have another review in the works; one of Infinite Space for the DS. The request a review page is also changing, now being called Reviews list. Here I'll list every game I own that has been reviewed, is going to be reviewed and are willing to review. I'll finish that up soon. A friends section like this will also be here on my blog. Also, no more ANALYSIS posts, there's just no point.

I think that's about everything. Look forward to my new posts soon!

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