Tuesday, 23 March 2010

QUICK REVIEW: Army Defender

Whenever I have a few spare Nintendo points, I always buy a game that catches my eye. After reading a review of Army Defender in ONM, I thought I might check it out. It's a good thing I did, because if I didn't I would've missed out on the best 200 point app on DSiWare.
The price really helps. The game is well worth the two quid you pay for it. If Studio Kaolink added a few more things they could've sold the game for 300 points more.

The basic idea is that you are defending your base from the enemy forces. These guys range from soldiers to jeeps and even tanks. You defend your base by using a gun turret that can be fired by tapping the touch screen in the direction you wish to shoot. You hold the DSi on its side so the game can be spread across two screens. This is where things get interesting; by pressing either a button on the D-pad or the L trigger, you change the colour of your turret. There are two colours: red and green. Green enemies can only be killed by green bullets and red enemies can only be taken down by red bullets, it's that simple. The game's structure is great too; there are two difficulties to choose from, with beginner being a more progression mode (new enemies are unlocked slowly) and expert being the high score mode where you start off in a harder position than beginner.

Army Defender is the best 200 point app on DSiWare. If you have some spare points then check it out!

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