Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Update: Noodle's Blog Reaches its Second Year Running!

31st of January 2010. Two years ago today, at the time I post this. It was on that oh-so special day that I kick-started the journalistic legacy I call Noodle's Blog with a very minor bang in the form of two admittedly poor-quality posts. One was an introductory piece, announcing the sort of things I'd be writing and posting on this site. The other was the first game review I ever wrote. Both of these pieces were admittedly rather embarrassing when I look back on them. They quite literally scream poor grammar, pathetic spelling and unbearably bad overall quality. What a way to start was is now a well-received, and apparently well-written place in which I post my journalism, eh? It's become apparent that I've clearly made a significant improvement when it comes to writing over the past two years, and it certainly seems to have paid off in terms of the statistics this blog receives. 34 followers may not seem like a lot in comparison to other sites, but you can trust me in saying that I never expected to get more than quite literally a few when I first started out. This site has also amassed a fairly ridiculous 11,511 views and counting, far more than I would've expected to get in a whole decade, let alone two years! So yeah, it's safe to say that I'm pretty glad I started out this semi-career in non-profit writing and it has definitely been nothing but a success in terms of the praise I receive for doing so, but you ain't seen nothing yet. This party's just getting started...

You'll discover my final verdict on Skyward Sword very soon in the form of a review, but what position will it grab in my Top Ten Favourite Games Feature, if any? I'm not spoiling anything...
What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, good sir-stroke-madam, what I'm implying with this cheesy statement is that you and hopefully many others are going to see some big things posted here on the blog in the gargantuan year that is 2012. Some I've mentioned before, some I haven't and am planning on mentioning within the next few sentences of this oh-so special update. First off, let's talk Features. Obviously, two big ones I have planned are My Top Ten Personal Favourite Games and My Top 25 No More Heroes Bosses, the latter of which is still very much in the works, slowly. Don't let this get you down, though. The piece I've promised for just over a whole year (again, I'm sorry about the delays, but I felt I needed more practice at writing before working on such a massive feature) will be posted in two parts this year, the first of which you'll definitely be able to read within the next few months. Controversial as it is, the topic of my ten favourite games will also be posted within that time-frame, although it's still in the process of planning at this moment in time. Without a doubt, this is the hardest list I could possibly put together, but that doesn't mean I'm not trying! Something I haven't discussed previously in the form of a Feature is yet another countdown, namely my personal list of the Top Ten Best Monsters in Monster Hunter Tri (unless I rename it to something slightly more creative, that is). The title of this Feature pretty much speaks for itself, and again, it will definitely be posted later in the year. Finally, you'll find that My Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2012 will have been posted within the next few days, like some kind of annual tradition here on the blog.

I simply can't deny the fact that PS2 RPG Persona 4 has practically taken over my life. You'll see a review of it here on the blog in good time!

Moving on to the subject of reviews. I've gotten a bit ahead of myself when it comes to this category, I won't lie. On top of the review I promised a little while ago, detailing my opinion of the absolutely magical Wii title that goes by the name of none other than The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you'll be seeing at least a further five reviews from my perspective over the course of the year, all of which I can announce right now. In case you hadn't realised the obvious fact that all of my top ten favourite games won't be exclusive to Nintendo systems, the blog is going multi-platform, and I've got two fantastic Playstation 2 games set to be reviewed very soon. The first of these is Persona 4, a little-known PS2 RPG that has pretty much taken over my life since November of last year (not literally). The quality of this game is extremely high, and I promise with all my heart that I'll begin reviewing it as soon as I've hit the end credits. The other non-Nintendo game I plan on reviewing very soon is one I already finished in the summer holidays of last year: Kingdom Hearts 2. I can say that this one game made my six weeks off last year, and it should be fun to boot it up once more and unleash my opinion of it in the form of a review. Back to Nintendo games, I have some kind of 3DS Mario double-whammy incoming. When you read the words '3DS' and 'Mario', if you didn't think of the games Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, well, some thing's going on in that brain of yours. Both of these titles are some of the best you can find on Nintendo's latest handheld, as is Resident Evil Revelations, the game I've praised time and time again on this blog. You'll be seeing my final word-based opinion of it soon. I'm saying 'soon' quite a lot, aren't I? Perhaps you'd like more specific times? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but I'm going to have to refuse. And this, my trusted readers, is where I shall take my leave. Before I stop writing and get this update posted, however, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Well, not you specifically, more the people who didn't bother reading the last two paragraphs. In the 'Incoming Posts Round-Up', you'll find all the things I announced in this update packed into one confined space. Convenient, no? Expect to see it in future updates, too...

Incoming Posts Round-Up
Top 25 No More Heroes Bosses [Parts 1 and 2]
My Top Ten Personal Favourite Games
Top Ten Best Monsters in Monster Hunter Tri
Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Review: Persona 4
Review: Kingdom Hearts 2
Review: Resident Evil Revelations
Review: Super Mario 3D Land
Review: Mario Kart 7

...And that's pretty much everything! My word, that's a lot of reviews, ain't it? I won't have to do another update for quite a while, that's for sure. Anyhow, look forward to all these lovely posts and more, keep reading, and feel free to follow if you haven't already and are interested in my work!


Kezz said...

Aww. I agree, your writing skills have definitely improved over the year I've been reading. ^.^

Sounds like a good line-up of reviews and features. Especially looking forward to your Skyward Sword review. :3

Noodle said...

Thanks Kezzmeister. And yeah, I'm looking forward to writing it and publishing it, whatever difficulties I'll have to overcome when writing it! It is a pretty major game, after all! :3

Conor said...

Can't wait for all the new stuff you've got in the pipeline, sounds awesome, bro.