Monday, 31 January 2011

Update: One Year of Noodle's Blog - Looking Back on the Highs and Lows and Other Stuff!

Well, it's definitely been quite a year. Today marks the post date of my very first piece of writing on Noodle's Blog, so I've decided to do a 'looking back' thingy to celebrate this special occasion. It's been a roller-coaster of highs and lows over the past year, but all I can really say is thanks for all the positive feedback and comments and stuff. I'd like to give a special mention to Jess (ZeroSuitSamus2) who seems to be the only person who ever reads any of my posts! Anyway, this post is basically a mishmash of stuff, such as what's coming up in 2011 and other things. First though, let's take a look at my blog's highs and lows.

One Year of Noodle's Blog!
When I first started the blog I intended to make it a place to write about a wide variety of things. However, many ideas were scrapped and I decided to make it a gaming-only blog, which in my eyes was a good decision. You honestly don't want to hear me ramble on about crap on fifty different posts each month. Anyway, video games are the hobby I hold most dear, so why not concentrate on that? The main reason I started all this was to get some practice for (hopefully) a job in games journalism in the future. You could essentially call my writing works practice, but I still write them for people to enjoy and stuff like that. That's the whole point, right? Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads all this rubbish, don't think I could have done it without the motivation I've received.

I must admit, I'm very proud of my more recent stuff, particularly the reviews and features I've been posting. Those two types of posts are the ones I work my hardest on to make awesome, and I think the majority of them have turned out as good as I wanted them to. It's become quite clear that I've improved my writing skills since I started up the blog, because my older stuff makes my mouth taste like throw-up! I'll be suplying pieces of writing of a much higher standard this year, hopefully. Speaking of posts, shall we see what's coming up?

Future Posts
I've got quite a few post ideas swirling around my mind, one in particular being a post I promised several months back but failed to deliver: My review of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle for Wii. I reviewed the original No More Heroes title last year and gave it top marks, and the sequel is somehow infinitely better. It'll be up sometime in February, so look forward to that! It's clearly been a long time coming. On top of this, I'll be reviewing GoldenEye 007 for the Wii next month, meaning a double-whammy of reviews (it makes up for the lack of one this month, I guess). I'm also planning on reviewing the excellent Resident Evil 4 sometime this year, but at the moment I'm not so sure when I'll be working on that. In terms of reviews, that's pretty much it except for one last this. That'd be Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance. I've been playing through it recently and I haven't reviewed any GBA games for a while now so I reckoned it'd be a good idea to review that. In terms of features and other posts, I'll definitely be doing a First Impressions post on the 3DS when it comes out on March 25th. Speaking of the 25th of a month (worst seg-way ever) it's my birthday next month, on the 25th on February. I did an update on that last year so expect to see one this year. Happy Birthday to me etc etc. There's also the expected stuff over the course of the year, such as an E3 2011 Review, plenty of gaming-related posts and everything in-between. It's gonna be a great year...

That's all for now doods. I hope you keep reading and hopefully we'll have an even better year in 2011. For now, peace out!


Kezz said...

Sounds great! I enjoy reading your blogs Noodle, you'd do great in games journalism. :D

Noodle said...

Thanks for the comment Kezz. I'm working on the NMH2 review as we speak!