Saturday, 8 January 2011

Finally, Some Non-Blurry 3DS Footage!

Yesterday the lovely guys at Nintendo 3DS headed over to the Nintendo World 2011 event in Japan. Spread over 3 days, this event marks the first public demonstration of the 3DS. Multiple titles were available to play, including Kid Icarus Uprising (which has now had an ace glossy make-over) and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. So far Nintendo 3DS Blog have only uploaded footage of those two games, but that's enough to do a quick post on how excited I am about them! They also posted a ton of photos and images of the event, revealing the apparent Japanese box-art for a ton of games as well as some new Augmented Reality games! There should be some more footage of them up later, but for now let's just stick to Resident Evil and Kid Icarus.

Here's a screenshot of Nintendo's Kid Icarus presentation. It looks a lot better when it's playing though, so head over to and watch it!
Nintendo showed off the new Kid Icarus game in the form of a presentation, which revealed that the game has undergone a bit of a graphical movement since E3. A lot of the on-foot sections were shown in the footage, revealing that Pit has a dashing move of sorts to dodge enemy fire. There's also a satisfying pause when Pit hits enemies with melee attacks (or if he gets hit himself, for that matter). Even the aiming reticule looks different! I'm starting to want Uprising more and more. Don't forget that this game is being developed by the same guys who worked on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Even that should be enough to spread the excitement. I'm pretty damn sure that Uprising is going to be a launch title, as it seems to be the game that they're backing the most. Before that, I'll be watching the footage back furiously.

The guys in Japan also filmed some footage of them playing Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. As you may know, I've been looking forward to this game a lot since its announcement. I'm a big fan of the modern Resi games, especially Resident Evil 4. And while I'm looking forward to Revelations, I think I'm a bit more excited about the more action-packed antics of The Mercenaries. The video that was posted showed the first footage of the new aiming system in action. Now you can move your character while aiming and looking down the sights of the gun. The A, B, X and Y face buttons allow your character to perform melee moves, but there's more than one this time. Now there's even more ways to neutralize zombies! You can also quickly change your weapons, rather than pausing the game and equipping them from an attache case. The Mercenaries is looking stunning, fast-paced and addictive. I can't wait for it!

So, there's only more exciting news and footage incoming, which I'll probably do a post on when the event finishes in a few days. Until then, happy drooling! You can check out the images and footage here:

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