Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Now That's Unexpected! - Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright!

Wowee. Upon arriving at home, having a few goes at SSX On Tour and switching on the computer, one of the most unexpected announcements slapped me in the face when I opened up ONM. Yup, you read that title right, in one of the least expected crossovers in gaming, the mighty Professor Layton and top Attorney Phoenix Wright will be starring side by side in a single release. The name of this game? Um, Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright.

Level 5, the developers of all the Professor Layton games announced this game today at their conference. The title will be released for the 3DS, and like the regular Layton titles it will feature animated cutscenes featuring Phoenix himself, along with his partner Maya (apologies if I got that wrong, I know next to nothing about Ace Attorney). Shu Takumi, who wrote the script for the Phoenix Wright games will be writing the script, and Level 5 will be developing the game itself. No actual gameplay screens or footage has been revealed yet, but they did announce the game along with a trailer and some nice pieces of artwork. In short, it looks pretty good in terms of style.

Few story details have been revealed, just the fact that Phoenix pays Layton and Luke a visit to show them who's boss. Later on though, they end up working together to solve a mystery much more important than a bunch of squabbling middle-aged men. Sounds interesting enough, and the cutscene footage shown in the announcement trailer appears slightly more serious than the usual Layton stuff. It involves witches or something. I was very intrigued by Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright, it's a pretty odd game in general. Bet nobody even thought of this crossover, but here it is. Hopefully it'll turn out good, and hopefully they'll actually release it here.

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