Monday, 31 May 2010

Update: News on My Soul Calibur 2 Review and a New Feature!

Aloha. This marks my first update post since I started up my blog again. This post is basically just to talk about what's coming up as well as a few minor updates. Let's get started...

Where's this Soul Calibur 2 Review then?
Well, I've been playing it. Trying so desperately to keep myself away from Brawl (which is kind of hard because I need to practise for a tourney) and TvC. As of this moment I haven't actually started writing, but I've been jotting some ideas down. I'm trying to improve on my reviews, structure wise. Hopefully, I will succeed. Expect this to be my best review yet!

And what's After That?
Well, I've ditched the Infinite Space review for several reasons. One, It's actually so boring to play through. two, I'm selling it to get money for Galaxy 2 and three, I don't really have any time to play it; Most of my gaming sessions have been ruled by Disgaea, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, Brawl and of course, Soul Calibur 2. Speaking of Disgaea, I have indeed started playing that again and am planning a Re-Review. Before that though, a requested review (vote here!) will follow Soul Calibur 2. Currently, I only have one vote. Get on the Reviews List page and vote! Please...

Anything Before All That?
Good question. Well, E3 is coming up (June 14th to be precise) so I've decided to do two features based around the massive gaming event. The first of these features will be my predictions, and the second will be on the actual conference itself, after it's all happened. I'm currently working on the first of these features so look out for that before June 14th.

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