Tuesday, 25 May 2010

An Old Review: Final Fantasy IV DS

What you guys are about to read certainly ain't pretty. The text below was the first review I ever wrote, and looking back on it now, I can safely say I have improved. A lot. Still, I dug this up today from ONM and decided to post it here. I've gone through it a bit to sort out capital letters and things, but you'll still notice countless grammar issues here and there. Fact fans: I wrote and posted this back in 2008 (1st November to be precise.)

Final Fantasy IV DS
The final fantasy series, we've had it 17 years and it is still a must for both RPG fanatics and newcomers to the genre. 

The second final fantasy game ever to be released in English was final fantasy iv in America (named ff 2 since America never got the real two and three, until recent GBA and DS remakes) and this was one of the hardest and most loved RPGs of its time, and now, we finally have it. Yes, another remake. 

OK, so we've been getting a lot of Final Fantasy remakes since the GBA was released, and we really want something new from square, but this is still great. 

The story goes, the main character is a dark knight named Cecil, who soon suspects there is something wrong with his king, and decides to try and ask the king of why he has to steal crystals from hopeless citizens on other kingdoms. Only to find he is stripped of his knight brigade and told that he must steal another crystal. 
After seeing too much death and despair, Cecil sets out with his best mate Kain, to stop a new evil that has risen. That's all i can say for now, but the story gets very deep and interesting, so maybe you should go out and buy yourself a copy too see for yourself. 

I never expected so many new features to be packed into a remake, one of these new features is a new Whyt system, made simply for something to do on Nintendo Wi-Fi. The Why is an Eidolon that belongs to Rydia, a summoner, but i mustn't reveal too much spoilers, so I'll just leave the characters for now. Anyway, the Whyt can be trained up by playing some actually really fun mini-games, which consist of a goblin slashing game, a mathematics game, and many more that can be unlocked as your party grows. You can also give your Whyt a name, a custom make-over with the stylus, and use him in battle, even though he's quite useless. 

Overall, Final Fantasy IV DS is incredibly deep and involving and will attract both RPG fanatics and casual gamers. But alas, it's time square made us something new, and I mean new, not another gimmick like renevant wings. This is still definately worth your 25 quid though. 

+ Incredibly deep and involving
+ Awesome 3d cutscenes 
+ Great characters in your party 
+ Worth it for your money, but... 
- ...it's really time for something new

Great work Square, but it's time you gave us a brand new game.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my past. It's awful, I know, but a nice little insight I suppose.

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