Thursday, 5 May 2011

Update: My Biggest Feature Yet and Other Exciting New Posts!

What's that on the horizon? Why, it's another Update post. Today, I'll be revealing my plans for this month and beyond, including a double whammy of reviews and my biggest Feature post to date. A Feature so big that it'll have to be spread across two posts and I'll have to delve as deep as possible into two of my favourite games of all time in order to write. What is this almost mythical project, you ask?
Read on and find out...

Planned Posts for this Month and Beyond, and New Banners!
I've given my new feature a hell of a lot of build-up (well, a few sentences) in the last paragraph, so I think it's fair that I reveal what it is now. Well, I'm gonna keep you doods and doodettes waiting even further. Before I discuss the two new reviews I have planned, I'd like to reveal that I'm working on a number of banners for the blog in a similar style to the Okami one I have up at the moment. On top of this, I'll be mixing them all up in a random image milkshake machine so you'll be seeing a different image every time you look at the blog. I'll be adding more and more images and taking away old ones until I ditch my blog (which I don't have plans to do anytime soon!)

Now, I have two reviews in the works at the moment which will both be posted this month. One of these will be of another of my favourite games, Resident Evil 4. I've played through the game on both PS2 and Wii and I've decided that it's time to review it. My other planned review this month is another Capcom game, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. Not only will this mark my first 3DS review, but my modern handheld review since Disgaea DS. Speaking of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, I have a feature planned on my top five favourite and five least favourite characters in the game that you can expect up this month. Not only that, but you can also expect the usual gaming news and discussion in the regular random blog posts too over the coming months.

Finally, I'll end this short update with a big reveal of the biggest feature ever composed for my blog. Coming soon: My Top 25 No More Heroes Bosses! That's right, I'll be counting down every single boss from both No More Heroes games and revealing my favourite, least favourite and everything inbetween. This gargantuan feature will most definitely be up at the earliest in June, maybe even July. Sure, it's a long wait for a post, but E3's coming up and I'll be concentrating on writing about that next month. Be sure to look forward to that too! Until next time, this is Noodle out!

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