Sunday, 31 January 2010

Let's get started!

As of this moment my blog has officially started. After lots of layout changes and deleted posts it's finally time for me to start! You probably already know this, but here's what to expect!

Daily Daze
Nope, no more of these! Sorry ^_^

I'll mostly be reviewing games and consoles, but also other stuff in the media such as mangamusic and random stuff!

There will be several features as well as some random ones!

  • Forbidden Fruit - Things I think will improve a game and what should be done to make a series more interesting.
  • What I'm Playing - Because there may be spoilers! I will be saying what games I've been playing in some random posts though.
  • Top Tens/any other number! - This one's pretty self explanatory, a countdown of my favourite *insert something here*
  • Random Stuff! - Retrospectives, special posts ETC!
And of course, Contributions! ONM forum members SteveTheDuck and Sheikah-link have agreed to contribute to my blog with reviews and features. Look forward to their posts!

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